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Cosgrove NovaThreads

the Non-surgical face lift that really works…
with no downtime!

Why Cosgrove NovaThreads?

  • They really work! Correct drooping skin and sagging jowls.
  • Safe, Simple, and Fast: Rest in one of our luxurious chairs, and an hour later you have immediate results!
  • No incisions, no scars, and no downtime: Dr Cosgrove brings her skills as an anesthesiologist so you relax, virtually pain free, and then go to dinner that night without redness or peeling.
  • Lasting results. Even plastic surgery results last only a few years, and then more surgery is needed for results to last. Cosgrove NovaThreads last 12-18 months for a brief procedure.

Figuring out what to do with sagging jowls can be tricky. Treatments designed to clear up wrinkles won’t do anything for sagging skin, and it seems like the only available choice you have is full-blown surgery.

Dr Doriana Cosgrove has another option that provides safe and effective results without the use of surgery. Dr Cosgrove is proud to offer Cosgrove NovaThreads, an effective technique that uses a unique form of therapy to correct sagging jowls and drooping skin around the jaw. Unlike a facelift, which stretches and thins the skin, Cosgrove NovaThreads stimulate collagen and improve skin quality.

Cosgrove NovaThreads tighten the skin in the short-term, then disappear within 4 – 8 months, leaving only healed skin behind with results lasting at least 12-18 months. There is little to no downtime and it can be done as a “lunchtime procedure” (requiring less than an hour for treatment) in our office.

Even though sutures are being applied to the face, there are NO cuts and NO incisions to be made! The PDO sutures are given in a series of pre-loaded injections. The sutures go into your skin directly from the needle. Dr. Cosgrove uses several “levels” of numbing so it is not painful.

Dr. Cosgrove uses her special techniques to place PDO threads in a variety of places on your body. Most of the upper and middle face issues can be solved with dermal fillers or other injections. When it comes to sagging skin around the lower cheek, jawlines, and neck, nothing works better than Cosgrove NovaThreads.

Actual patient of Dr. Doriana Cosgrove

The Science Behind Cosgrove NovaThreads

These are new, and much better than any older form of “thread.” Unlike threads of the past made of metal, Dr Cosgrove uses PDO threads. PDO stands for Polydioxanone, which is a synthetic absorbable material most often used in major surgeries such as open-heart surgery. NovaThreads are 100% absorbable and are nothing like the threads of the past. This body-safe material will be safely absorbed into the body over the course of a few months and eventually disappear entirely.

Each suture is made up of little barbs or thorns, looking almost like the stem of a rose. Once these are inserted into your jawline, they instantly grab hold of the surrounding skin to create a tighter look instantly. As the material is slowly dissolved in your skin, your body is healing the areas around the sutures. For every suture that disappears, only newly formed collagen remains.


Dr Cosgrove has injected dermal filler using cannulas for over 10 years, and has perfected all cannula-related procedures. She is one of the leading providers of NovaThreads on the West Coast.

Actual patient of Dr. Doriana Cosgrove

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