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Problem with Loose or Sagging Skin?

Desert Med Aesthetics is proud to have one of the latest innovation in anti-aging – the TITAN™ treatment, a safe non-surgical laser treatment that reduces skin laxity through long-term collagen regeneration. This treatment is an effective alternative to surgery, and is proven to be safe on all body parts including the face, neck, arms, and stomach with no downtime.

This device differs markedly from Thermage® and other radio frequency systems in that it is one hundred percent light. This leads to greater safety and more predictable flow of heat through tissue, giving it a superior safety record and very reproducible results. Loose or lax skin of the tummy, neck, chin, or jowl area are ideal sites for tightening with TITAN™. Knees, buttocks, thighs, and arms can also be improved, if the laxity is prominent.

How Does It Work?

The infrared light travels through to the deeper layers of the skin causing tightening of the collagen architecture. Because the heat is applied deep within the skin, some swelling and redness may be seen. Most treatments require about an hour of treatment time and will experience no downtime.

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