NovaThreads in Palm Desert

Figuring out what to do with sagging jowls can be tricky. Treatments designed to smooth wrinkles won’t do anything for sagging skin, and it seems like the only available choice you have is surgery.

At Desert Med Aesthetics, cosmetic specialist Dr. Doriana Cosgrove offers a safe and effective alternative: NovaThreads. This innovative technique is specifically designed to correct sagging jowls and drooping skin that can gather around the jaw – and all without the need for surgery. For the best non-surgical facelift in Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells, Palm Desert, and Palm Springs, contact Desert Med Aesthetics today. 

NovaThreads: The Non-Surgical Facelift that Works

NovaThreads are synthetic surgical sutures inserted strategically into the skin to create a supportive structure that follows the natural shape of the face. As the sutures are inserted, sagging tissue is gently caught and repositioned into its original position.

Unlike threads of the past made of metal, Dr. Cosgrove uses threads made from Polydioxanone (PDO), which is a synthetic absorbable material most often used in major surgeries such as open-heart surgery. NovaThreads are 100% absorbable, and they safely dissolve into the body during the months following placement.

In addition to their absorbable nature and safety, the sutures are uniquely designed and inserted. Each suture is made up of little barbs or thorns, looking almost like the stem of a rose. Once these are inserted into your jawline, they instantly grab hold of the surrounding skin to create a tighter look. Even though sutures are being applied to the face, there are NO cuts and NO incisions to be made.

During the weeks and months following treatment, the material slowly dissolves into the skin. The body heals around the suture, a process that stimulates an increase in collagen production in the treated area. The result? A natural looking “face lift” that requires no downtime and improves facial aesthetics for up to a year. 

NovaThreads vs. Surgical Facelift

In addition to requiring surgery, many patients often find facelift treatment to be cost prohibitive and it can require significant downtime. In contrast, NovaThreads provide patients with a nearly immediate improvement while concurrently stimulating collagen production. This alternative improves skin quality while tightening sagging skin, eliminating the need for lengthy surgery time and recovery.

Another critical advantage of NovaThreads is that this treatment is highly versatile. For many patients pursuing this solution, a sagging jawline is only part of their aesthetic concerns. Sunken cheeks, thinning lips, and increased wrinkles can all take a toll on an individual’s appearance. To make life easier for our patients considering more comprehensive facial rejuvenation, Dr. Cosgrove may recommend NovaThreads in combination with other non-surgical injectable or laser skin therapy solutions.

NovaThreads is an excellent option for patients of many ages, and it can even be performed on those who’ve already had facelifts in the past.

Real patient results

Tighter Skin without Surgery

At Desert Med Aesthetics, our state-of-the-art medical spa features some of the latest technologies and techniques to provide our patients with results they’ll feel truly confident with. As the top account for NovaThreads in California, Dr. Cosgrove has used this solution to help countless patients achieve their ideal appearance.

Starting with your initial consultation, Dr. Cosgrove, the leading Indian Wells cosmetic specialist, will use advanced imaging to identify the source of collagen depletion, outlining precisely where the sutures should be placed for optimal results.

During the procedure, the NovaThreads are inserted using a blunt-tip cannula, an innovative needle that gently slides into the injection point. As a blunt-tip cannula does not come to a sharp point, it provides a certain degree of resistance upon insertion and leaves minimal bruising or swelling after treatment.

Dr. Cosgrove prefers this alternative to hypodermic needles for the application of NovaThreads to ensure your treatment experience is as comfortable as possible. She has years of experience using this technique, making her an expert in the use of NovaThreads.

As more threads are inserted, your body will naturally begin responding and start the collagen production process. Depending on the number of threads being inserted, the entire treatment session may take a little over 30 minutes, making NovaThreads the perfect “lunchtime procedure.”

While there is no traditional recovery time associated with this treatment, patients heal over the course of 4 to 6 months, during which time the sutures disappear and reveal healed, smooth-looking skin.  Best of all, our patients enjoy their beautiful new appearance for up to 12 months.

Real patient results

NovaThreads in Indian Wells and Coachella Valley

Treating sagging jawlines can tremendously improve an individual’s self-confidence, taking years off their appearance. As the only medical spa within a 50-mile radius to offer this innovative facial restoration procedure, patients throughout the greater Coachella Valley and beyond visit Desert Med Aesthetics exclusively for NovaThreads. Ready to start your treatment journey? Call 760-777-8772 today to schedule your consultation with our experienced cosmetic specialist today.

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