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At Desert Med Aesthetics, our mission is to provide safe, effective cosmetic procedures that help our patients achieve the best possible results. Since 2004, Indian Wells cosmetic specialist Dr. Doriana Cosgrove and her experienced team have focused on providing comprehensive and therapeutic skin care solutions to address a wide range of concerns. We are happy to serve patients from Indian Wells, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs, and beyond. 

Innovative Technology, Personalized Care

Providing a high degree of personalized care starts with bringing the latest technologies and techniques to our patients. From the images taken during your initial consultation to the blunt tipped cannulas used to inject dermal fillers, Dr. Cosgrove has made it a point to ensure every part of your treatment plan is designed with your comfort in mind.

Whether this is your first time undergoing a cosmetic procedure or you’re a regular patient, you can expect to receive safe, comfortable cosmetic care. All of our procedures are designed to avoid lengthy recovery periods, allowing you to easily resume your regular schedule.

Blunt Tip Cannulas for Filler Injections

Your experience during treatment is as important as the end results. One way Dr. Cosgrove strives to create the most pleasant sessions for our patients is through the use of blunt tip cannulas for the injection of dermal fillers.

As some of our most popular cosmetic procedures available, dermal fillers such as Juvéderm® and Radiesse® products are injected almost daily at our medical spa. Traditionally, these non-surgical rejuvenation solutions are injected using a needle. While this may allow professionals to be more specific in their application, using a needle can cause patients discomfort during the procedure as the tip is inserted deep into the skin tissue. When used incorrectly, this can even cause tissue damage and bruising.

Blunt tip cannulas provide Dr. Doriana Cosgrove with a new, innovative filler injection technique. Like their name suggests, this alternative has a blunt and rounded edge rather than a sharp point like a needle. This blunt tip is as easily inserted into the skin as a needle, however the similarities stop there.

Rather than pushing through tissue like a needle, the blunt edge of the cannula pushes delicate veins, arteries and other tissues out of its path during insertion. This creates a degree of resistance, allowing Dr. Cosgrove to more precisely inject the dermal filler of choice. After treatment, patients experience much less pain and bruising during recovery and are often able to jump back into their routines within a day.

The Benefits & Uses of a Blunt Tip Cannula

Prior to the introduction of the blunt tip cannula, physicians were limited by needle size and impact on the surrounding tissue. Given the gentle nature of this needle alternative and availability of different cannula sizes, our Indian Wells cosmetic specialist often uses this instrument when adding filler to more delicate areas, such as the eyes. With the blunt tip cannula, patients can avoid excessive bruising during recovery.

Diversity in cannula size also allows Dr. Cosgrove to bring comfortable care to patients undergoing more extensive dermal filler treatments. Rather than having to make multiple injections when adding volume to the lip or cheek, blunt tip cannulas allow her to treat a large surface area from one injection site. This results in a more comfortable and effective treatment experience for patients.

Desert Med Aesthetics is proud to provide the following additional benefits: 

Blunt-tip cannulas significantly reduce trauma to the tissue and decrease the risk of bruising, ensuring you enjoy your final results unmarred by black and blue spots.

By injecting your dermal fillers from one site, you can experience less discomfort and pain throughout the entire treatment process.

Bruising and swelling after injections with a needle often keep patients at home until the tell-tale signs of treatment dissipate. By eliminating these post-procedure side effects, you can get back to your daily routine right after treatment.

With this alternative, Dr. Cosgrove is able to administer your dermal fillers with a higher degree of precision. This ensures your injectable goes where it should to provide you with a natural-looking result. Likewise, this improved precision means patients often end up needing less product and fewer injections.

The flexibility and longer length of blunt-tip cannulas compared to needles makes them versatile for use nearly anywhere on or around the face. Once hard-to-reach parts of the face and neck can now be addressed, leaving patients with unique needs satisfied.

The Leader in Minimally Invasive Facial Rejuvenation

In addition to providing filler injections using blunt-tip cannulas, Desert Med Aesthetics is known for being a top provider of NovaThread facelifts. This non-surgical procedure can beautifully restore a more youthful appearance to the face – with no surgery and no downtime. This is just one of many procedures offered at Desert Med Aesthetics that can freshen up your look with virtually no pain and no recovery period.

Comprehensive Aesthetic Services in Palm Desert

Beyond the innovation of our instruments and technology, Desert Med Aesthetics is proud to offer the highest-quality products and services available. Whether your needs are as simple as a facial or you’re ready to invest in your skin care, our medical spa offers a wide array of laser skin therapies, medical skin care, and complete esthetician treatments. With our dedication to creating lasting results, guests from throughout the Coachella Valley have found a home where they can feel comfortable receiving all forms of non-surgical skin care.

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