Advantages of NovaThreads for Skin Tightening

middle-aged woman  with young-looking skin

There’s more than one way to get ageless looking skin. While some may turn to dermal fillers and Botox®, longer-lasting treatments like NovaThreads are quickly becoming a popular option for many looking to tighten sagging skin without sitting through surgery. If you’re still searching for the perfect facelift alternative, consider these NovaThreads benefits.

Tighter skin without surgery

Instead of relying on scalpels and sutures to pull back sagging skin, NovaThreads uses biodegradable thread in order to tighten appearance.

By removing the surgical component to facelift treatment, NovaThread patients don’t need to go through the lengthy recovery process associated with traditional facelift treatments. Instead, individuals come in for treatment and are able to return to their daily routine almost immediately after surgery

Subtle results

While facelifts are the best long-term treatment for tackling skin laxity, not all patients need a facelift as soon as their skin begins to sag. Similarly, overtreating the early signs of sagging skin can leave patients looking overdone and make them feel more self-conscious of their appearance. Unlike its surgical counterpart, NovaThreads is best when used as an intermediate-level treatment for patients showing early signs of sagging. As the unique barbed threads help stimulate collagen production, NovaThreads not only lifts lax skin, but also helps reverse the signs of aging. By triggering collagen production, this non-invasive treatment leverages the body’s healing process to repair damaged skin. Ultimately, the use of NovaThreads leaves patients with subtle lift and natural looking results.

Instant, long-term results

When it comes to facelift alternatives, few offer the same longevity and results as NovaThreads.The most common alternative uses a combination of dermal fillers and Botox® to smooth skin and add missing volume. While this can offer natural, subtle enhancements, these procedures take time in order to enjoy the full results. Furthermore, liquid facelifts are temporary – Botox® and dermal fillers often require regular touch-up treatment every three to four months. If patients want to maintain their results, this means paying for touch-up care more frequently, ultimately inflating treatment cost.

In contrast, the signature NovaThreads are made to last. This treatment leverages biodegradable polymer threads, just like the sutures used by surgeons during invasive medical procedures. Once placed, patients notice their results immediately. Best of all, the polymer threads dissolve slowly, thereby extending how long the results last.

Diverse treatment application

Not only are NovaThreads an excellent treatment on their own, the procedure can also be successfully combined with other anti-aging and rejuvenation procedures for even better results. Combining NovaThreads with treatments that address skin tone and texture can help tighten and brighten skin tone. For patients struggling sagging skin as well as age spots, hyperpigmentation or scarring, this combination approach allows individuals to reset their skin and improve their appearance.

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