Minimally invasive body sculpting is all the rage these days — and for good reason. Attempts to target-tone specific trouble spots like your abdomen and butt can only lead to disappointment and frustration. That’s why so many people have started turning to body contouring treatments like truSculpt or CoolSculpting to help reach their ultimate body… Read More »

You may believe spa-quality facial treatments are luxuries reserved for special occasions. However, you’ll be surprised to learn that facials can and should be part of your regular skin care routine. When figuring out what you need and want for your skin, you may start feeling overwhelmed by all the available options. The truth is,… Read More »

The holidays are a wonderful time to spend in the company of family and friends while indulging in delicious food and drinks that only come around once a year. That being said, the festive season can also have a not-so-jolly effect on your skin. At Desert Med Aesthetics in Palm Springs, CA, we share all… Read More »

Anyone who is considering injectable treatments may be surprised by how many treatments are now available. Over a very short time, injectable technology has evolved and improved, giving you a myriad of options. Each injectable on the market was designed to treat a specific age-related concern. Take a few moments to review the injectable options… Read More »

Wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin are among the most common signs of facial aging and can appear as early as our 30s. Desert Med Aesthetics is equipped with the latest and most effective laser skin tightening treatments available in Palm Springs to help patients reverse signs of aging and improve their health, self-confidence, and overall appearance of… Read More »

Breakouts are always a disappointment— but what makes them especially awful is the marks they can leave behind on our skin. Acne scars can keep us from going makeup-free with confidence or taking selfies with our friends and family. In researching solutions on how to remove these pesky pimple leftovers, you’ve probably come across these… Read More »

If you’ve ever lived with irritated, inflamed, painful acne, you probably longed for the day that your skin would clear up. But now that day has arrived, and instead of the clear, smooth skin that you dreamed of, you have the pits and uneven texture that comes with having acne scars. At Desert Med Aesthetic… Read More »

Summer is back, and with it comes dull, lackluster skin. Between the heat, the dry weather, and the long hours in the sun, our skin can start to look and feel a little rough. We should think of our skin like a plant; in some seasons, it needs a bit more love and care than… Read More »

Where has the time gone? You might be one of the many that made a promise to themself back in January that they would get an early start working on their summer body. But things kept getting in the way— work, back-to-school, a pandemic, and a myriad of other obligations. You simply didn’t have time… Read More »

As you are probably aware, the aging process can be very unkind to the face and body. By the age of 50 and beyond, many men and women show signs of aging that they would prefer to correct. Plastic surgery is a convenient, effective option for residents in the Palm Desert area in their 50s… Read More »