Spring is finally in the air, and with that, the desire to trade in bulky winter layers for cool and light tanks and dresses. Just like revamping our wardrobes with the new season, looks can sometimes also benefit from a gentle refresh once the warm weather hits. If you’re ready for a quick reset… Read More »

Injectables have given us non-surgical facial contouring options that we only could have dreamed about a decade ago. Though hyaluronic acid (HA) gel compounds were first used primarily to increase lip fullness, today, injectable HA can treat everything from deep wrinkles to sunken cheeks and poor chin definition, among other issues. There’s only one downside… Read More »

By March, many people realize that achieving their New Year’s resolution to slim down by summer is going to be more challenging than they anticipated. Stubborn fat often clings to the belly, back, arms, or thighs even after significant weight loss, preventing us from achieving the really sleek, lean contours we want. This fat, which… Read More »

Do you want to look years younger? While plastic surgery may have been the go-to in years past, new technologies are providing patients with an alternative. In particular micronized fat transfer is becoming a popular option for the patient looking for a more natural approach to anti-aging. Understanding micro fat transfer Fundamentally, micronized fat transfer… Read More »

If you’ve been looking at cosmetic treatments, chances are you’ve heard of collagen and its mysterious benefits for everything from your health to your hair. But what exactly is this mystery protein and how does it work? More importantly, how does collagen keep you looking young and beautiful? What is Collagen and How Does it… Read More »

As we get older, our skin gradually loses its youthful appearance. Full lips and smooth skin quickly thin out and fine lines dominate our appearances. Rather than accepting the aging process, take charge of the way you age. With Juvéderm®, patients can reverse the signs of aging and regain smooth skin in just one appointment…. Read More »

Great skin can be difficult to achieve without the right skincare routine. Over time, change in skin texture and health can require a reassessment of what’s working and what isn’t in your skincare routine. If your skin is losing its radiant glow, it might be time to revamp your routine with these tips: Start with… Read More »

For some, it’s a few dramatic new additions to their wardrobe. For others, it’s an all new hair color or a trendy new hairstyle. As we tear down last year’s calendar and hang up another, all different kinds of people are looking for creative new ways to branch out from the norm and re-invent the… Read More »

At Desert Med Aesthetics, we love hearing all the unique, personal reasons people come to our medical spa. We hear a lot of heartbreaking stories around the New Year, when it seems like a lot of people are finally taking that first huge step of commitment toward changing the little thing robbing them of their… Read More »

Welcome to the brand new site for Desert Med Aesthetics! We are excited to share our new look with you ahead of the new year. Feel free to browse through some notable pages: Meet Dr. Cosgrove Why Choose Desert Med Aesthetics Medical Concerns CoolSculpting NovaThreads Laser Services Injectables Chemical Peels Blunt Tip Cannula We hope… Read More »