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One day you may have woken up to find that your skin—particularly on your cheeks, chin, and forehead—has turned bright red. Slowly, the redness starts to reveal broken blood vessels that look like small red veins. A bumpy texture starts to take form in patches that resemble an irritating rash. If you can relate to… Read More »

The holidays are a wonderful time to spend in the company of family and friends while indulging in delicious food and drinks that only come around once a year. That being said, the festive season can also have a not-so-jolly effect on your skin. At Desert Med Aesthetics in Palm Springs, CA, we share all… Read More »

Summer is back, and with it comes dull, lackluster skin. Between the heat, the dry weather, and the long hours in the sun, our skin can start to look and feel a little rough. We should think of our skin like a plant; in some seasons, it needs a bit more love and care than… Read More »

Few things are more frustrating – or challenging to address on your own – than fine lines and wrinkles on the face. As we age, our body’s production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, leaving our skin thinner, less resilient, and more susceptible to these lines and wrinkles. Thanks to advancements in non-surgical anti-aging solutions, you… Read More »

Acne isn’t just a stubborn thing to get rid of—it can also leave behind raised, texturized scarring on the face and neck. Even with the most potent retinoids found over the counter, most can do little about this concern. Fortunately, with advances in medical and dermatological technology, there are several ways that laser treatments can help target… Read More »

Whether it’s due to anxiety, stress surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, or the myriad of work responsibilities keeping you up at night, many of us are finding ourselves without enough sleep these days. Along with compromised immune systems, lack of energy, weight gain, and a host of other issues that come with not getting a full… Read More »

It’s officially wintertime. The weather is crisper, the heater is being dusted out, the shower is longer and significantly warmer— and all of these changes are wreaking havoc on your skin. With the holidays just around the corner, the last thing that should be on your busy to-do list is worrying about the dry, flaking… Read More »

As life slowly gets back to normal, wearing a mask remains one of the most important steps in protecting yourself and others from the spread of COVID-19. However, that doesn’t require a total abandonment of your skincare routine. As many long-time mask wearers can attest, wearing even a lightweight mask for extended periods of time… Read More »

For those who live in the desert, sunscreen is a must-have for any healthful skincare routine – and for a good reason. Harmful UV rays can damage skin cells while also suppressing collagen and elastin production. In addition to accelerating the aging process, extended sun exposure can also increase a patient’s risk of developing skin… Read More »

As we age, our skin often shows the first signs that we’re getting older. For many, it can seem as if new wrinkles and discoloration appear overnight. Luckily, it’s never been easier to look younger – without even leaving your home. If you’re looking for a fool-proof system for hitting rewind on aging, check out… Read More »