Does Kybella® Work? Insights from the Most Recent Studies


Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to conduct research on potential treatments that can help a person achieve an improved appearance. However, finding the right sources for unbiased information is extremely important when conducting research when to decide whether to undergo treatment. 

If you’ve struggled with a double chin, you may have come across an injectible treatment called Kybella®. Knowing how effective a treatment is can be the difference between choosing a procedure, like Kybella®, and opting for another alternative. In Indian Wells, Dr. Cosgrove frequently reviews recent studies and shares the results with patients to help them have a clear understanding of how a specific procedure has performed. In the case of Kybella®, recent studies from physicians offer great insight for potential patients.

A Refresher on Kybella®

To better understand the efficacy of Kybella®, its important to know exactly how this fat-busting treatment works. Before Kybella® was available to patients, excess fat under the chin could only be removed surgically, typically through liposuction. Kybella® is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment cleared to combat submental fullness (double chins). During the procedure, the formula is injected in a series of precise locations below the chin and neck. 

Kybella®’s success is due to its potent active ingredient – deoxycholic acid. When injected into fat pockets, this digestive substance targets fat cells and destroys them, without causing damage to the other tissue types. The body then naturally metabolizes the remnants of dead fat cells, revealing greater definition along the jawline. 

Starting with clinical trials, the procedure has proven effective in reducing unwanted fat pads for patients of all ages. However, as patients consider the procedure as part of their treatment strategy, it’s important to know all the facts.

Safe for Diverse Patients

One study highlighted the safety of Kybella® for older and younger female and male patients. During a trial surveying 500 patients, 70% of participants that received Kybella® injections enjoyed a noticeable improvement in the appearance of submental fullness. These results have been mirrored by other clinical trials conducted across the globe. By 2016, 20 trials conducted globally showed an average 77% of patients that received the Kybella® reported satisfaction with their appearance after the procedure.

Kybella® is Effective

As Kybella® injections have increased in popularity across the country, data regarding patient tolerance and results have become more readily available, as have reviews on the treatment from physician-scientists. Many of these specialists cite that while Kybella® may not provide results that are as dramatic as alternatives like liposuction, the procedure is effective in eliminating fat from treatment areas. However, how much fat can be removed with the injections and how many injections are needed to provide noticeable results varies. Factors like fat content, skin laxity, and even age can all influence how well the procedure works. Furthermore, not all patients may react the same to the active ingredient. Different patients will metabolize the destroyed cells differently, adding further variation to the number of injections each patient will need. 

One fact that you should know about Kybella® treatments is that the results continue to improve over time. Doctors performing Kybella® have noted that the procedure continues to enhance facial appearance up to a year following injection. This is attributed in part to how the body reacts to fat cell destruction by triggering the healing process. In turn, more collagen is produced in the treatment area, which in turn improves skin’s volume and firmness. Furthermore, the minimally invasive nature of Kybella® makes the procedure an excellent alternative to liposuction for patients who are unable to or prefer not to have surgery. 

Finally, experts agree that the physician’s experience and skill can make a difference in the final results. Some of the best results are achieved when physicians tailor injection to each patient, rather than sticking with suggested injection points from the manufacturer.

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