SkinMedica™ – Because it works!

SkinMedica™ is only one skin product we carry and recommend… because it works!

After researching many medical grade anti-aging products, the answer is clear to me. SkinMedica™ is very different than any other anti-aging product. It is good business for me: Offer patients a product that is proven to change skin, and they will experience results. As an authentic SkinMedica™ provider since 2005, we stand behind SkinMedica 100%.

Why SkinMedica?

Products include scientifically proven recovery compounds ranging from vitamins C and E to Retinoids to TNS®. I use TNS personally every day (and I got my husband to use it also! Skin care is not only for women!). TNS® (tissue nutrient solution) encourages collagen formation and repairs damaged skin (skin biopsy reveals about a 30% increase in collagen production in patients’ subcutaneous tissue after using TNS recovery for 90 days). It is a patented blend of growth factors, antioxidants and matrix proteins that stimulate the skin to reverse the effects of aging.

Medical Experts support TNS Topical Growth Factors for skin health. It’s fundamentally
different from other brands. Here’s why: Growth factors can be “extracted” from a plant but the highest quality and most effective type are cultured from human fibroblast cells, not just extracted from a plant. Skin Medica uses this cultured human growth factor, which is far more effective at stimulating collagen under the skin.

skin-medica-productsAn Award Winner and featured consistently on “Dr. Oz,” “Oprah,” “The Doctors,” “Good Morning America,” “The View,” “Katie Couric,” “The Early Show,” “The Today Show,” The Aesthetic Guide publication and beauty magazines for Beauty Choice and Best of Beauty Awards.

I have attended many SkinMedica Physician Summits, and my staff attends product
knowledge seminars to learn the science and appreciate the effects of these high grade products.

Although I offer various laser procedures, and I use Botox® and fillers, proper use of products is crucial to optimize skin health. And after researching and trying other brands on myself and others, I have total confidence in SkinMedica.