5 Current Skincare Trends that You Should Avoid


Every season, it seems like there’s a new skincare trend that’s destined to eliminate damaged or dead skin and reveal beautiful, photoshop quality skin below. With so many treatments out in the market, it can be difficult to know which are worth the effort. Here’s our guide to current skincare trends that are best ignored. 

DIY can be more like DI-Don’t

With the rise of social media, it’s hard to ignore the growing trend of at-home skincare treatments and DIY solutions being recommended by beauty influencers. Although these might make from great Instagram content, the promoted recipes can often do more harm than good. Part of this stems from the products being combined to create these at-home serums or face masks. As these treatments are often from over-the-counter products, the concentrated amounts are uncontrolled and can damage vulnerable skin, causing irritation and even chemical burns.

Peel-Off Masks can be Too Effective

There’s something grossly satisfying about pulling off a facial mask and seeing the removed impurities off your face and on the mask. However, your over the counter peel off masks may be doing too well a job and actually removing the top layer of skin from your face. Furthermore, the products used on the mask can become trapped in pores – leading to irritation and acne. Instead of picking up sheet masks from the drug store, invest in a professional facial treatment from an experienced dermatologist. The treatment will help you achieve the deep clean you’re looking for with damaging your skin. 

Essential Oils Can Be an Irritant

Like peel-off masks and DIY facials, the use of essential oils only for daily skincare treatment is another rising trend that can do more harm than good. While the “natural” nature of essential oils may be tempting, they are too concentrated to be applied on their own to skin. Even mixing with a natural carrier oil can have adverse effects on skin, clogging pores and causing irritation for individuals with acne-prone or sensitive skin. If you prefer something lighter, consider switching to a professional grade cream made for your specific skin type – the results will be much more effective for much longer. 

Not all organics are the same

To match the rise of more natural, minimally processed products, skincare companies are rebranding their products to match demand. This means the rise of more “natural” or “organic” products readily available for purchase. While some may truly be purely organic or use all-natural ingredients, the change in formula is not always guaranteed. Likewise, the use of natural ingredients over more processed ones opens the door for patients to experience adverse reactions to one of the included products – potentially damaging skin and causing discomfort. 

The more abrasive the scrub, the better the results

No, no and no. While your skin may be tough, facial skin is certainly not. Applying scrubs that use nut shells or other harsh exfoliants directly to the skin than scrubbing hard to cleanse damaged skin cells. Over exfoliating can also cause skin to overproduce necessary oils, leading to acne outbreaks and oily skin tone. 

Find the perfect skincare regimen 

While the internet may be great for finding a recipe or looking up directions, your skincare routine deserves more than a Google search. At Desert Med Aesthetics, Indian Wells specialist Dr. Doriana Cosgrove offers personalized treatment strategies tailored to helping men and women rejuvenate their skin and restore their youthful appearance. Learn how to build the right skincare routine at home – call 760-777-8772 today and schedule your consultation at our medical spa today to get started!