3 Reasons to Keep Your Chemical Peels to the Shady Fall Season

With the summer finally winding down, many of our patients are looking forward to the colder weather ahead. Many are also starting to look for facial rejuvenation treatments that can help reset skin before the weather changes. Treatments like chemical peels are among the most popular solutions around this time but holding off until the weather finally changes might mean all the difference in your final results. Here’s a few reasons to wait until fall before diving into treatment.

Start Fall with Fresh Skin

After a lengthy summer spent outside in the sun, skin cells can become damaged or die. As we transition to cooler months, the drier weather can make these dead cells more pronounced, causing them to accentuate any signs of aging. Dead skin cells can also clog pores, increasing the breakouts during a time when skin is already trying to adjust to changing temperature and moisture. While an at-home exfoliation routine can help remove some of these dead cells, it may not be fully penetrating skin or thoroughly exfoliating skin. Chemical peels are a great way to penetrate deep within the skin and remove dead or damaged cells to reveal healthy skin cells. Furthermore, the procedure helps skin complete the transition to cold weather with minimal risk of breakouts. 

More Time at Home

For many of our patients, fall months are usually marked by a return to routine. The kids are back in school, major vacations are over and we’re still several months away from planning winter getaways. This lull in travel means patients are spending more time at home and inside – the perfect set-up for planning a chemical peel. While some chemical peels are gentler than others, all forms of this facial rejuvenation treatment leave skin sensitive and vulnerable to damage. High powered UV levels and frequent outdoor activities during the summer can make it tough to get away long enough to let your skin heal, putting your investment at risk. Shadier, cooler fall weather is the perfect time to hideaway from the sun while giving your skin plenty of time to recover healthfully. Likewise, fewer getaways make it easier to stay on track of a multi-session treatment strategy.

Prepare for Next Summer

In many ways, creating great skin is very similar to honing a great physique – both require preparation well before your target date. In the case of beautiful summer skin, most of the prep work begins in the fall beforehand. Facial rejuvenation during the colder fall months with treatments like chemical peels gives patients the opportunity to schedule, recover and enjoy clear skin before the next summer is underway.

Learn More about Facial Rejuvenation at Desert Med Aesthetics

While fall weather may still be weeks away, its never too early to start planning your facial rejuvenation treatment schedule. At Desert Med Aesthetics, our cosmetic medspa is here to guide you through different rejuvenation options and build a strategy that covers all your cosmetic needs. Prepare your skin for the transition to fall weather by scheduling your first consultation with Dr. Cosgrove today! We look forward to seeing you.