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Beautiful skin is a peel away. Here’s what you need to know about exfoliation and chemical peels. Why Exfoliate? Exfoliation is an integral part of an effective skincare regimen. Why should you integrate regular exfoliation into your beauty routine? When done correctly, exfoliation: Helps unclog pores by removing dirt, oil, and dead cells from the… Read More »

While Southern California may not get much of a winter, we still get the same dry, dreary weather. Luckily, the change in temperature makes the post-holiday months the perfect time to indulge in self-care treatments. At the top of many patients’ lists are chemical peels. While this solution can certainly be a skincare game-changer year-round,… Read More »

With the summer finally winding down, many of our patients are looking forward to the colder weather ahead. Many are also starting to look for facial rejuvenation treatments that can help reset skin before the weather changes. Treatments like chemical peels are among the most popular solutions around this time but holding off until the… Read More »

For some, it’s a few dramatic new additions to their wardrobe. For others, it’s an all new hair color or a trendy new hairstyle. As we tear down last year’s calendar and hang up another, all different kinds of people are looking for creative new ways to branch out from the norm and re-invent the… Read More »

Chemical peels come in a variety of strengths and can be customizable to each patient’s needs, making it a popular treatment among many of our patients. Read our infographic below to learn what you can expect with mild, moderate, and deep peels.