Why Winter is the Perfect Time for a Chemical Peel

While Southern California may not get much of a winter, we still get the same dry, dreary weather. Luckily, the change in temperature makes the post-holiday months the perfect time to indulge in self-care treatments. At the top of many patients’ lists are chemical peels. While this solution can certainly be a skincare game-changer year-round, there are a number of reasons why winter is the best time for a chemical peel.

Changing Seasons Means Changing Skin

As you may have noticed at the start of winter, the changes in temperature and humidity can drastically affect your skin’s tone and texture. Cold, dry temperatures outdoors compounded with blasting heaters indoors can leave skin dehydrated. Beyond causing skin to look dull and worn, a buildup of dried and dead cells can also compromise the skin’s overall health. Dead cells can become trapped in pores, increasing the chance of an acne outbreak. Dried skin build-up can trigger excess oil production, leaving patients with unwanted breakouts. 

Chemical peels are an excellent solution for combatting dry skin and preventing other unwanted effects of changing weather. By removing the dehydrated surface layer of skin, this restorative treatment reveals new and healthy skin just below the surface. This prevents pore blockage while simultaneously refreshing a person’s overall appearance.

Limited Sun Exposure Means Faster Recovery

While chemical peels can range in strength and depth, nearly all types have the same side effects – redness, tenderness and sensitivity to sunlight. During the summer months, long days and the wealth of social activity taking place outdoors can make waiting for post-chemical peel skin to heal a tedious process. Instead, the cold winter months give a higher chance of spending your days inside, making it easy for patients to enjoy a healthful recovery without interruption of their social lives.

Maximize Winter Skincare Treatments

Between the effects of winter weather and low sun exposure risk, the winter months are often the perfect time for patients looking to make investments into their appearance and skin health. In addition to big-ticket investments like facial rejuvenation via chemical peel, many often revamp their ongoing skincare maintenance to better accommodate changing weather and skin needs. 

Synchronizing these skincare regimen changes with treatments like chemical peels can have major benefits for patients. By removing dead or damaged tissue with this rejuvenating procedure, patients can maximize the results of new products or treatments. This leaves patients with better-looking results that last well beyond winter.

Prepare Skin for Change

Similar to the change from fall to winter, skin undergoes another major change as the weather warms into spring and summer. Opting for professional treatments like a chemical peel and maintaining the results through a tailored at-home regimen helps ensure skin is at its healthiest and prepared for this change. Often, professional skincare specialists like Indian Wells’ Dr. Cosgrove create a long-term treatment plan that incorporates one or more chemical peels as well as healthful at-home treatments to ensure patients enjoy beautiful skin year-round.

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