Will The PDO Thread Lift Replace the Facelift?

Aesthetic medicine has come a long way. With advancements in non-surgical procedures that give surgery-like results, many men and women are choosing to enhance their appearance with the help of non-surgical cosmetic treatments. One process that has been getting a lot of attention is the thread lift. 

Dr. Doriana Cosgrove is proud to offer the Indian Wells, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and Rancho Mirage communities the next generation in facial aesthetics—the PDO Thread Lift. This advanced treatment for the face, neck, and jowls employs threads with small cones to pass under the skin using a needle. The cones grab hold of the skin from underneath the surface to pull and re-suspend it to a lifted position. 

Advancements in Thread Technology

A few years back, Gweneth Paltrow endorsed the European version of a thread lift. These original threads were made with permanent suture material that remained in tack once the threads were sewn under the skin. Today, advanced PDO threads dissolve over time to lower the risk of infection. With these next-generation threads, bacteria don’t have a foreign material to thrive on and are susceptible to the body’s natural defenses. 

Facelift Comparisons

One advantage with a PDO Thread lift is the anesthesia used for the patients’ comfort. Most facelifts require general anesthesia, whereas a thread lift is performed using a local anesthetic with less risk. Downtimes for a facelift are generally ten days to two weeks. For thread lifts, recovery is minimal and usually only takes about two or three days.

Unlike a conventional facelift, the thread lift doesn’t require incisions or deep-tissue manipulation. This advantage provides an easier process for beauty enhancement without the risks of surgery but offers similar results. 

And then there’s the cost. The cost of surgery is comparatively extensive to a thread lift. Although a traditional facelift is considered the standard for facial rejuvenation, the PDO Thread Lift offers a viable alternative to patients who need help with sagging facial skin but are not ready or willing to have surgery.

PDO Thread Lift Benefits

A pleasing appearance starts with the face. Addressing the initial signs of aging is pivotal in any anti-aging regimen, no matter your age. When sagging skin, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections begin to emerge, a thread lift aims to resolve these blemishes and slow down the aging process. This aesthetic correction not only looks to have you looking great but also to restore your confidence as well.

Come In For a Visit!

To see if a PDO Thread Lift is your answer to resist facial imperfections without the risk of invasive surgery, visit an experienced aesthetic specialist to find what’s right for you.    

Like any aesthetic procedure, the best outcomes need the artistic hand of a professional. Dr. Cosgrove is a leader in the greater Palm Springs area for facial rejuvenation and beauty enhancements. 

To learn how you can get surgery-like results without the risks of going under the knife, call 760-777-8772 today or schedule your consultation online.