Novathreads vs. PDO threads: What You Need to Know

New procedures and innovations are constantly changing the landscape of aesthetic treatment and plastic surgery. In the case of anti-aging procedures, new techniques have created opportunities for men and women to shed years off their appearance without having to go under the knife. 

Thread lifts are an excellent example of how an improved or new use of existing technology is breathing new life into the anti-aging industry. While the technique may be fairly new, there are plenty of thread lift options patients can choose from. Here’s what you need to know about the two most popular options: NovaThreads and PDO threads. 

What are PDO Threads?

Polydioxanone, or PDO threads, are a type of medical-grade thread often used in surgical procedures such as open-heart surgery. Unlike other surgical threads, polydioxanone is uniquely incredibly strong yet biodegradable, safely dissolving into the patient’s body within a few months. However, as the material gradually disintegrates, it also triggers the body’s natural healing process. The body enhances collagen production around the threads, which act as scaffolding for further skin cell regeneration. In the long run, PDO threads provide patients with an anti-aging solution that continues to reduce the appearance of aging and improves over time. 

Not all PDO threads are alike. Depending on the placement of the threads as well as each individual’s treatment needs, a cosmetic specialist may recommend non-barbed or barbed threads. Consulting with experienced specialists like Dr. Doriana Cosgrove and her team can help ensure that you select the best PDO threads for your situation and receive care tailored to fulfill your unique cosmetic goals.

NovaThreads – The Newest Form of Thread Lift

Thinking about thread lifts? Chances are that you’ve heard of NovaThreads. This non-surgical facelift alternative has become one of the most popular thread lift brand names – due in part to the easy application and wide candidacy.  NovaThreads are similar to PDO thread lifts because the treatment uses the same technique in order to create a refreshed, youthful look. 

Similar to other PDO thread lifts, NovaThread treatment plans are uniquely tailored to meet each individual’s specific needs. For men and women looking to tighten skin, barbed PDO threads are used to better grasp loose skin and lift it into a better position. In instances where patients want to stimulate collagen growth, a specialist may recommend using smooth PDO threads instead. 

Exploring Other Thread Lift Options

While PDO threads like NovaThreads are a popular option, they aren’t the only treatment available. Temporary sutures such as those used in Silhouette InstaLift treatments have also been successfully used to tighten sagging skin and diminish the appearance of aging. 

Unlike PDO treatments, this suture-based approach focuses on lifting as much skin as is necessary to create a more youthful appearance. This is done by inserting special sutures into the skin with a specifically designed needle. While this procedure can provide long-lasting results and create a more youthful appearance, the sutures do not stimulate the same collagen development as PDO threads. As a result, patients may not be able to enjoy the full regenerative potential that accompanies PDO treatments like NovaThreads. 

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