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The advanced, most effective treatment for two different problems: AKs, and cystic acne.

What are AKs (actinic keratoses)?

Also called “solar keratoses,” these are the rough, scaly patches on the skin, caused by excessive exposure to the sun. These lesions can sometimes progress into dangerous skin cancers. Doctors estimate that 4o% of squamous cell carcinomas, the second leading cause of skin cancer death in the United States, begin as AKs.

What’s the old way to get rid of AKs?

In the past, AKs were removed with freezing: spraying liquid nitrogen on each spot. For patients with many lesions, doctors sometimes applied a potent painful chemical called 5-fluoro-uracil, or “5FU” which destroyed the skin leaving painful burned red areas for weeks.

Is there a better way to get rid of AKs? YES!

The Levulan PDT system removes AKs better, and without the side effects of “5FU”.

How does the Levulan PDT work?

Step 1. Dr. Cosgrove applies the Kerastick containing the topical solution that makes the AKs more sensitive to light.

Step 2. After waiting 1-2 hours, the treated areas are exposed to a special blue light, which destroys the AKs.

Step 3. Watch over the next few days as the AKs turn a darker color and fall off!
For cystic acne, the 3-step treatment is the same.

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