Best Fillers to Soften “Resting Bitch Face” (RBF)

While the term RBF may be fairly new, most people know exactly what the term means. For many, “resting bitch face” is a semi-angry, perpetually irritated facial expression. While some may develop this look intentionally, for others, this is simply the way their facial features are positioned when in the neutral position. 

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with RBF, it can unintentionally give off the wrong impressions. Patients with RBF that are usually happy or jovial are often accused of being unapproachable or standoffish – characteristics that are very clearly out of character. As patients get older, changing facial features can further emphasize RBF. For many patients, looking angry or unapproachable can be confidence-busting and emotionally painful.

Instead of living life being accused of being mean or unfriendly, many patients are turning to cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers to help reduce these unwanted perceptions.

Dermal Filler Options for “Resting Bitch Face”

From improving facial volume to diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and creases, these treatments have become a go-to in aesthetic medicine. When it comes to treating RBF, dermal fillers are a natural choice. As these treatments are non-invasive and designed to make discreet but transformative changes, many patients find that the treatment is a perfect way to subtly improve overall appearance while retaining a natural look. Likewise, the non-invasive nature of these cosmetic injections means minimal recovery time is necessary. In fact, most patients are able to schedule their RBF corrections during a lunch break. 

Another advantage of dermal fillers is that there is a wealth of options to choose from. Depending on what facial features are the culprit behind your form of resting bitch face, our Indian Wells cosmetic specialist may recommend one of the following filler options:

Juvéderm® Ultra XC

Do pursed lips make you look angry? You’re not alone. As lip volume diminishes and wrinkles develop, lips can begin to look thinner and more narrow. Even in a neutral resting position, this can make patients look less approachable or constantly irritated. Lip injections with Juvéderm® XC are an excellent option for replacing lost volume and filling in new wrinkles. This results in fuller, more youthful lips that look natural and happy.

Juvéderm® Vollure

Developing wrinkles around your mouth? These may also contribute to an overall RBF. Called marionette lines, these creases combined with sagging skin tissue can pull your mouth into an expressionless frown and age your overall appearance. Injections of Juvéderm® Vollure can help smooth these creases while adding important volume to the corners of the mouth – literally turning frowns upside down.


While technically not a dermal filler, neurotoxins like Botox® or Jeuveau are other excellent solutions for tackling RBF. Ideal for areas where wrinkles are caused by muscle laxity rather than diminished volume, these injectables help treat creases that appear on the forehead and contribute to a scowling appearance.

Find the Right Filler at Desert Med Aesthetics

Say good riddance to RBF by investing in dermal fillers. In Indian Wells, Dr. Doriana Cosgrove and her team offer a wealth of filler options that can be tailored to each person’s goals. To learn more about available treatment options for softening resting bitch face, be sure to contact our office or schedule your consultation online.