Hollywood Level Lip Styles You Can Emulate with Injections & More

When most patients start to explore their options for achieving fuller lips, non-surgical injections are often the first treatments to come to mind – and for good reason.

Over the last decade, the use of dermal fillers to enhance lip shape and size has skyrocketed for patients of all ages. Between ease of application and treatment versatility as well as growing popularity among trending celebrities in Hollywood and online, there is little wonder as to why this form of aesthetic procedure has become so popular among patients across the country.

However, dermal filler injections are not the only way Hollywood starlets and goddesses achieve their camera-ready pouts. Some of the most effective treatments are surgically based. While the following treatments might not be as minimally invasive as their injectable counterparts, they can certainly help patients achieve a youthfully perky pout well into the future.

Boost Lips, Starting at the Borders

Like any other part of the body, your mouth is susceptible to the consequences of aging. Skin damage caused by sun exposure, shrinking collagen production and wrinkle development can cause lips to lose much of their soft tissue and become thinner. For some, this unexpected shrinking also means that once full, well-defined lips begin to lose important boundaries – causing lips to ultimately look older.

One way to address this unwanted sign of aging is one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets – lip advancement surgery. Unlike traditional lip enhancement treatments that use injectable dermal fillers to improve lip size, lip advancement surgery physically removes sagging skin then repositions the vermilion (the colored part of your lips) higher. This gives patients a fuller, more youthful-looking lip size and shape without having to deal with routine touch-ups or follow-up injections.

Lift Smiles with a Lip Lift

There’s more than one surgical approach to achieving fuller, perkier-looking lips. Another lesser-known yet wildly effective solution for enhancing smiles is through a lip lift. Similar to lip advancement surgery, this procedure uses an incision in order to tighten and remove excess tissue to create a tighter, more youthful appearance. In the case of lip lift, sagging skin is removed from the philtrum, the area between the bottom of the nose and top of the lip. Just as skin stretches across the face the more it ages, the philtrum can also stretch the older a person gets. 

To achieve better lip definition and improve the size of the lips, a portion of tissue directly beneath the nose and above the lips is removed. Once complete, the incision is sutured together, thereby shortening the length of the philtrum and leaving more lip surface area visible. Within the procedure can take a couple weeks to recover from, scarring is minimal and hidden beneath the nose.

Create Instant Appeal with the Keyhole Technique

While lip enhancements can be an excellent solution for reversing unwanted signs of aging, they can also be a valuable treatment for improving a person’s self-confidence and overall appearance. 

Popularized by influencers, models and Hollywood’s biggest celebrities alike, the keyhole pout is a growing trend for women of all ages and has helped patients achieve the perfect sultry look without surgery. Instead, this procedure relies on hyaluronic acid fillers and string. During treatment, the cosmetic specialist places the string against the lips to create a small divide between the right and left sides. The dermal filler is then injected, creating the trademark keyhole between the lips.

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