Is Micro Fat Transfer the Holistic Alternative to Plastic Surgery?

Do you want to look years younger? While plastic surgery may have been the go-to in years past, new technologies are providing patients with an alternative. In particular micronized fat transfer is becoming a popular option for the patient looking for a more natural approach to anti-aging.

Understanding micro fat transfer

Fundamentally, micronized fat transfer is a type of skin rejuvenation procedure that uses your body’s cells to improve the quality of tissue elsewhere on the body.

Whereas other fat transfer treatments are used to enhance the volume of the receiving area, micronized fat transfer focuses on rebuilding the collagen production structure in the target area. This is done by adding both regenerative cells as well as fat cells to the area.

Where current procedures miss the mark

Innovations in modern cosmetic surgery have led to the development of countless skin rejuvenation and plastic surgery options for patients who want to restore their youthful appearance. From dermal fillers to a facelift, today’s patients have a plethora of options to choose from. However, many of these solution leverage synthetic materials in order to enhance the body and features. Dermal fillers are an excellent example. Even though they may be derived from naturally-created hyaluronic acid, the formula still contains non-natural ingredients and doesn’t totally address the cause of wrinkle development – slowing collagen production.

In other instances, cosmetic surgery can be over the treatment of a relatively minor issue. For example, while facelifts can certainly improve an individual’s appearance, they are considered a major plastic surgery procedure that not everyone can undergo. Until patients reach the point where the treatment is necessary, they have to live with sagging facial features and unwanted wrinkles or risk dramatic surgery can need retreatment in the future.

How micro fat transfer is changing plastic surgery

The way micro fat is processed is the key to its success in rejuvenating skin cells. Rather than filtering out all non-fat cells, micro fat is processed to preserve stem cells. These stem cells contain important growth factors, which help kickstart slowing collagen production into high gear. As a result, the final micronized fat injection is able to tackle the cause of wrinkle development and aging right where it starts.

Beyond stimulating collagen production in target areas, micro fat also offers important advantages that synthetic injections or plastic surgery can’t provide. These include:


Fat cells are unique in that they are never truly eliminated unless physically removed from the body. As a result, when they are transferred to other parts of the body, they can continue to live for years following implantation. In contrast, even exceptionally resilient dermal fillers only last up to one year, provided they are placed in an area that moves minimally.

Diverse Application

Most injectables and surgeries are specifically designed to a particular area of the body or face with limited flexibility. Micro fat transfers can be injected almost anywhere on the body, allowing patients to restore volume and collagen production nearly anywhere. At Desert Med Spa, the lips, mouth, cheeks and even scalp are among the top requested application areas.

High survivability

Not all dermal fillers are alike and not every patient reacts the same to treatment. For some sensitive patients, injectable treatments can cause reactions that require they be removed. Not only is micro fat from your own body (increasing the likelihood of acceptance), much of the fat transfer survives the injection process.

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