TruSculpt: More Men are choosing to melt the fat

More men than ever are choosing TruSculpt® for freezing away those unwanted love handles and pockets of fat that tend to increase as we age regardless of exercise or weight.
Why the big increase in the number of men seeking out this non-surgical fat reduction procedure? The fact that TruSculpt® is non-invasive appears to be a big plus for men. For those who like to be in control, the idea of any kind of anesthesia or surgery can be a turn-off. Since TruSculpt® is an office procedure, it does not require any type of anesthesia and is non-surgical.

Men are sometimes accused of being quite sensitive to pain, and TruSculpt® is a fairly painless procedure. The first couple of minutes the area being treated feels warm, but after that, most guys very easily tolerate it. And if they wish, we have various medications to diminish pain, and meds to completely relax. Remember, I’m an anesthesiologist physician!
For guys on a tight schedule, TruSculpt also fits the bill. Much like a workout at the gym, TruSculpt takes one hour per session. It can be fit in during a lunch break or an hour before or after work.

Many men we see prefer to have multiple sessions of TruSculpt at Desert Med Aesthetics here in Indian Wells, rather than liposuction or surgery. TruSculpt has scientific studies that demonstrate its value, while most of the other techniques, including “freezing fat” do not. While it may take more time than using liposuction, it is less invasive and much less expensive. For many guys the trade-off is well worth the time spent.

If you would like to learn more about TruSculpt, please contact us for a private consultation. 760-777-8772.