5 Post Wedding Skincare Tips to Keep Your Glow

Investing in professional skincare solutions and adopting new skincare habits at home often ranks as a high-priority item for many brides and grooms ahead of their big day. Having good skin on your special day can improve your confidence and give you some great photos. However, the wedding glow doesn’t have to end after your big day. Check out these easy-to-adopt tips for maintaining your nuptial glow even after the ceremony.

Get Your Beauty Rest

We all know how stressful planning a wedding can be. For many, the weeks leading up to the big day are often characterized by sleepless nights and anxious days. That can mean less ideal skin conditions Post-wedding weeks are the perfect time for hitting reset on your sleeping habits. For skin, getting a full eight hours can mean fewer undereye bags, less puffiness, and a brighter, healthier overall appearance.

Take a Break from Makeup

Wedding-day makeup is gorgeous and absolutely worthwhile. However, wearing the kind of heavy-duty, long-lasting makeup every day can be taxing for your skin. Liquid foundations and long-stay powders or creams can irritate skin and clog pores, increasing the risk of unwanted redness and acne outbreaks. Giving your skin a few days off from your usual makeup routine can help skin reset and feel fresh.

Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen

Whether your post-nuptial days are spent at home or in a tropical oasis, wearing plenty of sunscreen should be high on your self-care list. Even if your time outside is limited, harmful UV rays can wreak havoc on your skin by damaging skin cells and aging your complexion prematurely. To keep your glow going, be sure to add a high-spectrum sunscreen to your daily skincare regimen If you plan on spending lots of time outside or getting sweaty, bring your sunscreen along and reapply regularly.

Grab a Drink – Or Several

When it comes to maintaining beautiful skin, proper hydration is vital. Drinking plenty of helps skin cells stay hydrated from the inside out and prevents skin from drying out or appearing aged. While the results may not be noticeable overnight, making it a habit to drink at least eight glasses of water daily can leave skin looking fresh and bright well into the future.

Sweat it Out

Getting sweaty with a hard workout isn’t just a mood booster – it can also help you keep your skin looking bright and smooth. By getting your heart rate up and blood pumping, much-needed oxygen and nutrients are delivered to skin cells. In turn, this supports healthy collagen development, which can help fight off wrinkles and encourage healthy skin growth. Just be sure to shower off and change into clean clothes after your workout session. This will remove acne-causing bacteria and prevent unwanted blemishes from developing.

Keep Your Glow Going at Desert Med Aesthetics

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