Is Thread Lift the New Facelift?

Many within the aesthetic industry are calling thread lift the new facelift.

Like a surgical facelift, a thread lift addresses loose, crepey skin and can reverse signs of aging to help patients look like revitalized versions of themselves.

However, a thread lift is nonsurgical and avoids the downtime and permanency of a traditional facelift.

If you would like to learn more about this new facelift alternative, including treatment benefits, read on.

What Is a Thread Lift?

A thread lift is a nonsurgical FDA-approved procedure designed to counteract skin laxity on the face, neck, and jowls.

It is especially well-suited to women and men seeking facial rejuvenation without incisions, scarring, general anesthesia, or a lengthy recovery.

Why Thread Lift Is the New Facelift

There are a number of reasons that thread lift is considered the new facelift. To start, the procedure is equipped to lift and reposition saggy skin for a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

It’s also minimally-invasive, with little to no downtime. This advantage is particularly appealing to patients who are unable or unwilling to take time off to heal from a surgical facelift.

Additionally, thread lift not only elevates tissue with dissolvable threads, it also induces an inflammatory response to stimulate the production of new collagen. This activity strengthens the skin’s foundation for natural and long-lasting results.

Thread Lift Is the New Facelift

How Is a Thread Lift Performed?

If you are considering this new facelift alternative, you likely want to know what to expect from the procedure.

During a thread lift, a dissolvable thread with cones is applied under the skin with a needle. The cones grab hold of tissue and lift it in order to smooth skin and restore natural facial contours.

The treatment is performed under local anesthesia, which means patients are conscious and avoid the risks and grogginess associated with general anesthesia.

Want to Know More About the New Facelift Alternative?

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