3 Low Downtime Cosmetic Treatments To Get You Back In The Summer Sun Fast

Summer is well underway and countless patients are preparing to head out of town for family vacations or friendly get togethers. At our office, this means plenty of visits from patients looking for last-minute touch-ups to ensure they look their absolute best before heading out of town. If you’re looking for a few easy cosmetic treatments that won’t interfere with your summer plans, consider stopping by for one of these low downtime treatment options. 

Non-Surgical Body Contouring

When most patients think about cosmetic treatments for the summer, body sculpting procedures are often the first to come to mind. However, traditional body sculpting through surgical procedures like liposuction or tummy tuck can require lengthy downtime post-procedure – making them less than ideal for the summer months. Luckily, new non-invasive treatments like CoolSculpting are an excellent alternative. 

By using innovative cryolipolysis treatment to target and freeze fat cells, CoolSculpting works with a person’s body to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat and re-contour their procedure. As the procedure is completely non-invasive, patients don’t need to worry about undergoing lengthy surgery or recovery. Instead, they can come in for treatment and head off to the beach or onto their next summer adventure. 

Non-Invasive Injectables

For some, the “youthful summer look” evokes images of full lips and smooth skin. However, signs of aging like fine lines and diminished collagen production can cause these facial features to lose their youthful appearance. To help bring back missing volume to a patient’s look, our skincare specialist may recommend dermal fillers or Botox®. These non-invasive, no-downtime procedures use small doses of formula that are strategically applied to different parts of the face and neck to address issues like wrinkles or skin laxity. 

For patients showing fine lines or wrinkles, Dr. Cosgrove may recommend a few injections of Botox® – a neurotoxin treatment that safely and temporarily freezes underlying muscles responsible for wrinkle development. In cases where skin is beginning to thin and create hollows, we may suggest a dermal filler to help supplement diminishing collagen production. In addition to being highly effective, each of these procedures can be completed in a single visit to our cosmetic specialist. 

Thread Lift

While face or neck lifts may be out of the question a week before your summer vacation, thread lifts are not. This non-surgical alternative to face lift surgery has quickly become a go to procedure for men and women looking for a way to shave years off their appearance without requiring the same lengthy recovery. During this procedure, incredibly small, surgical-grade threads are discreetly inserted and used to pull back lax skin. This “mini face lift” helps tighten skin while simultaneously increasing collagen production – resulting in a natural looking facelift without needing any downtime.

Achieve Your Summer Look at Desert Med Aesthetics

From non-invasive Juvéderm® to comprehensive CoolSculpting, Dr. Cosgrove and her team at Desert Med Aesthetics are committed to helping patients look as good as they feel. Find the right cosmetic treatment for your looks this summer by scheduling a consultation with our skincare specialist in Palm Desert today!