5 Skincare Routine Tweaks for Hot Summer Days

Between sun burns and sweat, summer weather can be taxing on skin and appearances. Instead of resigning yourself to dry, damaged skin, consider adding these simple tweaks to your skincare routine and enjoy beautiful skin all summer long.  

Always Use Sunscreen

Sunny summer weekends mean most of us are planning on spending as much of our free time outdoors and in the sun. However, extended periods of time outside can be damaging for skin and accelerate the aging process. Even worse, long-term exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can increase an individual’s risk of melanoma or skin cancer. 

To protect your appearance and well-being, be sure to protect your skin with sunscreen as well as clothing. Apply SPF of a minimum 35 or higher everywhere (include skin that’ll be covered) and reapply every two hours or every hour if you’re getting wet. A wide brimmed hat, sunglasses and SPF chapstick can be valuable defenses for other vulnerable parts of your face such as your eyes, lips and scalp.  

Clean Correctly

As the weather warms, your skin is more likely to produce more oils and sweat, which can then become clogged along with daily makeup, dirt and grim within your pores. Reduce your risk of unwanted outbreaks and noticeable pores by upgrading your cleansing routine. We recommend starting with a gentle, foaming cleanser then following up with light, cooling toner. 

Exfoliate Dry and Dead Skin

Too often, exfoliation is considered part of the face washing process and is completed every day. While the extra sweat that comes with summer can seem to require near daily exfoliation, this can do your skin more harm than good by encouraging skin cells to produce more oil and sebum. Rather than encourage an already oily face to produce even more, our specialist recommends investing in a high-quality exfoliation by only using it once a week. 

Go Light

Summer weather calls for light cleaning, not oil-heavy masks. In hot Palm Desert, keeping skin cells well hydrated is the key to flawless skin year-round. As a result, we recommend switching to serums and light moisturizers that are water-based or gel-like. Cooling gel moisturizers can also be especially soothing after a long day in the sun by helping restore hydration to dried out areas.

Rehydrate Your Skin

Looking for another easy way to stay cool? Mists are quickly becoming a go-to recommendation from skincare specialists and beauty gurus alike. Specifically designed to help cool off the face without blocking pores, hydrating mists add much needed hydration to shriveling skin cells and keep the body from producing excess oil or sebum. The result is glowing, healthy looking skin on even the hottest days. 

Visit the Specialists at Desert Med Aesthetics

In addition to at-home routines, scheduling some time with an experienced skin specialist can be a valuable tool in your skincare toolbox. At Desert Med Aesthetics, Dr. Cosgrove is among the area’s leading cosmetic skincare specialists and offers a wealth of professional treatments that can be tailored to you and your skin’s specific needs. To learn more about the right skincare regimen and best professional solutions for your skin, call our office and schedule your consultation with our specialist today!