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Summer is well underway and countless patients are preparing to head out of town for family vacations or friendly get togethers. At our office, this means plenty of visits from patients looking for last-minute touch-ups to ensure they look their absolute best before heading out of town. If you’re looking for a few easy cosmetic… Read More »

5 Healthy Habits to Adopt in the New Year The new year can be the perfect time to start adopting new habits to keep you healthy and happy! Here are five habits to take up in 2018 so you can have your best year yet: Be mindful of your caffeine intake. Surround yourself with positive… Read More »

Laser treatments are great procedures because they can help correct a variety of different problems safely and without being too invasive.  The trickiest part about laser treatments is deciding which one is best for your specific needs and concerns — that is why Dr. Cosgrove put together this helpful infographic to give a little more… Read More »

This infographic shows the differences between various injectables including Botox®, Juvéderm®, Voluma, and Radiesse®. Find out what each injectable is used for, how long the results last, and how it was rated on RealSelf. For further information on these injectables, visit our injectables page.  

DermaSweep  is an advanced combination device that removes surface dead skin and infuses customized nurturing solutions for your skin.  It has a vacuum pump that gently lifts the skin surface as the device “sweeps away” the dead layer of skin in a precise and controlled manner.  The skin is left smoother as the vacuum action… Read More »

Dr. Cosgrove has created this visual piece on Juvéderm® Voluma to help her Indian Wells patients learn more about the revolutionary dermal filler in a quick & easy way. Learn all there is to know about Voluma by downloading this informative infographic! To learn even more about Voluma, call (760) 777-8772 to schedule an appointment.

One of the greatest joys of my career is my participation in the International Medical Alliance (IMA Helps).  For several years I have traveled with a team to countries where people are not getting the medical care that they need.  For example, a patient with cleft lip or club foot that would have been immediately… Read More »

Botox®™ is the most common cosmetic treatment undergone by both women and men in California. Botox® is a protein placed specifically in the muscles of the forehead or crow’s feet around the eyes used to selectively decrease muscle function and prevent the formation of wrinkling and deep lines. Botox® improves appearance and decreases the prominence… Read More »

SkinMedica™ is only one skin product we carry and recommend… because it works! After researching many medical grade anti-aging products, the answer is clear to me. SkinMedica™ is very different than any other anti-aging product. It is good business for me: Offer patients a product that is proven to change skin, and they will experience… Read More »

The Quick and Easy Facelift With the advancements in non-surgical procedures, non-surgical Facelifts have become a popular procedure for patients interested in a quick lift. The non-surgical facelift offered at Desert Med Aesthetics include laser treatments such as laser skin resurfacing, laser skin tightening and injectables such as Juvéderm® Voluma and Radiesse®. Also, learn more… Read More »