How to Pamper Sun Exposed Skin Now that It’s Fall

How to Pamper Sun Exposed Skin Now that It's Fall

With summer fully in the rearview mirror, it is time to transition your skincare to fall. Whether your summer was spent poolside or out hiking one of the local trails, odds are, it saw too much sun. Here’s how to pamper your sun-exposed skin and prepare it for the changing seasons. 

Consider these tips from Indian Wells cosmetic specialist Dr. Doriana Cosgrove into your skincare regimen to protect summer glows and improve skin health. 

As one of the area’s leading cosmetic skincare specialists, Dr. Cosgrove is your go-to guide for all things skin-health related. To explore your options, be sure to give Desert Med Aesthetics a call and schedule your one-on-one consultation.

Rejuvenate Skin by Starting Fresh

Removing damaged or dead skin cells caused by sun exposure can help restore youthful glow before the weather turns chilly. Facial rejuvenation treatments like chemical peels are excellent options for removing dead epidermal skin before it can accumulate and clog pores. As chemical peels vary in strength, they can be uniquely tailored to penetrate the skin at different depths, depending on the damage that’s occurred. 

Kickstart Collagen Production

Sun exposure is notorious for damaging collagen production in the layers deep within the skin, accelerating the aging process and leaving patients with fine lines and wrinkles. Luckily, laser rejuvenation can help repair skin and rejuvenate cells from the inside out.

At Desert Med Aesthetics, our skin specialist uses Laser Genesis therapy to precisely target damaged tissue while stimulating new cell and collagen production. As time passes, more collagen develops, filling in the lines left by sun damage and repairing other blemishes caused by the sun. 

Add Volume and Tackle Fine Lines

Not all wrinkles require in-depth laser therapy. Neuromodulators like Botox® and dermal fillers like Juvéderm® are great post-summer treatments that can reduce the appearance of fine lines and creases.

Both injectable treatments are non-invasive – making them an easy solution to sneak in during lunch breaks – and can discreetly remove signs of sun-induced aging. 

Get Ahead of Winter Acne Breakouts

Winter weather is known for drying out skin, causing your pores to overproduce natural oils. These oils then trap debris and dead skin cells inside pores and cause unsightly pimples to develop – usually at the least convenient times.

After exfoliating away dead skin cells, start transitioning your skincare regimen from hydrating products to ones that moisturize. Think rich creams and heavy moisturizers. These products can help prevent skin cells from overreacting as the weather changes. 

Upgrade Your Skin Routine

As we transition to fall weather, your at-home skincare regimen is going to be your best friend. Treating yourself to luxury products that refresh your skin and maintain the longevity of professional treatments can not only improve your appearance but will help ensure your skin stays healthy.

We recommend evaluating your skincare collection, tossing whatever’s been in your bag for longer than six months, and restocking with high-quality treatments made to protect skin during changing seasons. 

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